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Shreetron India Ltd.

(A Nodal Agency of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)

shreetronmIndia is densely populated and has high solar insulation, an ideal combination for using solar power in India. In the solar energy sector, some large projects have been proposed. According to a 2011 report by BRIDGE TO INDIA and GTM Research, India is facing a perfect storm of factors that will drive solar photo voltaic (PV) adoption at a furious pace over the next five years and beyond. The falling prices of PV panels have coincided with the growing cost of grid power in India. Government support and ample solar resources have also helped to increase solar adoption.

The state government is paying special attention to providing power to the poor and adequate electricity to the rural areas. Since solar energy is both green and clean, it is conducive for the environment.

Shreetron India is providing solar power services to various Government departments which include various types of solar plants ranging from 1KW to 60KW.

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